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Alima Program

Nawal Academy, an online educational institution, aims to bring spiritual awakening in the Muslim Ummah. Its series of programs are planned and designed to meet the educational, moral, and spiritual needs of the community in accordance with the Islamic rulings.

Nawal Academy’s goal is to infuse the whole of a Muslim personality with the emotional attachment and love to Islam. Students will be taught under the guidance of Islamic scholars who are talented in their fields of studies.

Nawal Academy aims to give rise to vibrant and intrinsically motivated Muslims who will be prepared to face the problems in their lives with an Islamic perspective. Diligent students who seek to gain correct knowledge and be steadfast on the straight path can join Nawal Academy and benefit themselves and the Ummah, InshaAllah.

We are now offering the following classes (English/Urdu):

  • Summer Program
  • Hifz ul Quran
  • Nazirah with Tajweed
  • 5 years Alim/Alimah program
  • Basic knowledge program.
It is as simple as 1 2 3.

1. Click here for the registration form http://www.nawalacademy.com/registration-form/

2. Fill your information

3. Make a payment

Hurry, don’t  miss this golden opportunity.

My son Saad has done very well in the Nazirah program. We are very happy with the quality of teaching and his progress.

Suleman- Tajweed Class- St Louis, Missouri
Nawal Academy is the place where working professionals can become Hafiz and/or Aalim without attending any religious school for even a day.

Abdul Moiz M. Second Year Alim Course - Chicago, IL
I love Nawal Academy! I love all my teachers! Each teacher is so nice and encouraging. They teach in a way that makes learning enjoyable!

Bint Amin Weekend Student First Year - Florida
Our classes are organized, classes start and end on time, our exams are well organized, and we are in small teacher to student ratios which means more attention per student.

Sana Noor M. Fourth Year Alim Student - Pakistan
Alhamdullah , I'm really very satisfied & happy with my studies with my all teachers. In all four years, my teachers are very kind & sincere. May Allah S.W.T. shower his blessings on my Madrasah, Teachers & students forever.

Maryam D Fourth Year Alim Course-Michigan
Nawal Academy is the best thing that has happened to me... There is a lot of one-on-one time with the teachers during classes.

Bint Rashid- First Year Alimah Student- California