Poem For Those Who Are Striving To Memorize the Quran

Poem For Those Who Are Striving To Memorize the Quran

A Most Noble Task


O, servant who strives to memorize Allah’s (SWT) Words,

You have been chosen to perform a most noble task.

It is a task that will take you far in this life and the next;

In blessings upon blessings it will cause you to bask.


A Book that will intercede for the one who recites it,

A Book that can cause a mountain to tear apart.

A Book that will serve as a companion in the grave,

A Book that was originally in the Prophet’s (SAWS) heart.


That is the Book you have been chosen to memorize,

That is the Book your heart is destined to preserve.

For Allah (SWT) is the Most Generous and Most Kind,

And He bestows us with things we can never deserve.


This Qur’an is your guide, your intercessor.

May it give you light in your life and your grave.

May it always be with you and protect you like armor,

In the darkest of paths and the deepest of caves.


May it ease your hardships and struggles in life,

May it cheer you up when you’re feeling down.

May it be your friend, your source of light,

May it give your parents a dazzling crown.


Keep your tongue moist with the recitation of the Qur’an,

Keep your heart shining with its everlasting noor.

Never let go of this friend Allah (SWT) has given you.

Let it be your guide, your companion, your cure.


Keep the Qur’an close to you wherever you go,

Remember the guidance that lies within it.

Practice what it commands and avoid what it forbids,

And soon you’ll be a shining star from which noor emits.


By: Hafiza Bint Hanif Subhani

Hifz Teacher Nawal Academy



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