Suleman – Tajweed Class – St Louis, Missouri

My son Saad has done very well in the Nazirah program. We are very happy with the quality of teaching and his progress.

Abdul Moiz M. – Second Year Alim Course – Chicago, IL

Nawal Academy is the place where working professionals can become Hafiz, Aalim or even a Mufti without attending any religious school for even a day. The programs are specifically designed to meet students need. Created by Hazrat Mufti Nawal Sahib (db) and run under his direct supervision. All my instructors are Hafiz, Aalim & Mufti. It’s rare to find such instructors on any other online program. In short, if you’re an engineer, doctor or a lawyer and cannot commit your time during weekdays, then Nawal Academy is the place where you can achieve your goal of becoming a Hafiz, Aalim and Mufti.

Bint Amin Weekend Student First Year – Florida

I love Nawal Academy! I love all my teachers! Each teacher is so nice and encouraging. They teach in a way that makes learning enjoyable

Sana Noor M. Fourth Year Alim Student – Pakistan

Alhumdulilah with the blessing of Allah tala I’m so grateful to have a madrasa like Nawal Academy to be taught from. Our Asaatiza are not only really highly knowledgeable but MashAllah really devoted to teaching. Our staff really works hard to provide us as an environment like a real life madrasa. Our classes are organized, classes start and end on time, our exams are well organized, and we are in small teacher to student ratios which means more attention per student. May Allah tala give our asatiza and all the staff jaza-e-khair for the their hardwork and forgive us for our shortcomings. Asalamualaikum.

Maryam D Fourth Year Alim Course – Michigan

Alhamdullah , I’m really very satisfied & happy with my studies with my all teachers. In all four years, my teachers are very kind & sincere. May Allah S.W.T. shower his blessings on my Madrasah, Teachers & students forever.

int Rashid – First Year Alimah Student – California

Nawal Academy is the best thing that has happened to me: it is everything I have wanted all my life put into one. There are no institutions for girls like this in California’s bay area where I could have attended full-time classes in person, so I am grateful Nawal Academy exists.

In Awwal Year, students focus mostly on studying fus-ha Arabic in detail with dedicated teachers. Along with this, Awwal students study a course devoted to the deep detailed study of the Sunnahs of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wasallam, a course on a study of the timeline of the Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wasallam, a course on Tajweed (Jamaalul Quran), and a course on basic knowledge necessary for all Muslims regarding day-to-day matters. The teachers also help the students do revision of the Surahs they have memorized in a hifz strategy that you never forget the Holy Quran inshallah.

All the teachers we are assigned are ‘ulama! I noticed that every one of my teachers has a deep sense of patience with each of us. They repeat each lesson in multiple ways until every student understands the concepts before moving on. This impressed me highly. There is a lot of one-on-one time with the teachers during classes. May Allah purify the teachers and grant them success in both worlds with aafiyah. Aameen.